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The Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research at Utrecht University studies the relation between the structure and function of biomolecules.

Bijvoet Center - UU

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The Bijvoet Center has solid state 950, 800, 700, 500 and 400 MHz NMR equipment for the characterization of biomolecules, their structure determination and dynamical and functional studies. All of the NMR instruments are state-of-the-art, digital Bruker NMR spectrometers. In addition to all the standard pulse sequences for spectroscopic, structural, dynamical, and functional characterization, tailored pulse sequences for structural determination of high molecular weight proteins and other special applications such in-cell NMR experiments are also available. Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) capabilities on the 800 and 400 MHz instruments provide a signficant boost in sensitivity.

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Bijvoet Center - UU

The Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research is part of the Instruct-NL national Instruct Centre in the Netherlands and has facilities for high-throughput mass spectrometry on proteins and peptides, X-ray crystal structure determination of biomolecules as well as small molecules and high-field NMR instrumentation for both liquid- and solid-phase NMR analysis of proteins.

The Bijvoet Center currently offers access to native protein mass spectrometry, which allows determination of protein mass, complex stoichiometry, and, in combination with ion mobility separation, overall characterization of the structure of protein complexes, to both liquid- and solid-phase NMR (primarily through iNEXT) to ennable structure determination of biomolecules and/or the characterization of their macromolecular complexes and to computational approaches for NMR and SAXS data analysis and structural modelling through the WeNMR portal.

In Instruct, access is also especially offered to integrated projects, using multiple technologies, either at the Bijvoet Center, or in collaboration with on of the other Instruct Centres. Important: to ensure a smooth application process, we strongly recommend any users to contact us before submitting an application.

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The Bijvoet Center is located at Utrecht Science Park "De Uithof" in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Please see the institute website for detailed contact information.


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