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The Computational Centre for Integrated Structural Biology (CCISB) provides computational support across the full range of disciplines.

Centre for Computational Biology

Centre for Computational Biology

The Computational Centre for Integrated Structural Biology (CCISB) aims to provide computational support to the European community of structural biologists across the full range of disciplines, allowing a single point of access for software and support, and encouraging standardisation between the different disciplines.

CCISB is distributed across several sites, with a hub located at the Research Complex at Harwell and hosted by the Scientific Computing Department of the STFC. Nodes of CCISB are located at the adjacent Diamond synchrotron, Cambridge, York, STFC Daresbury Laboratory and Bristol, and provide specific expertise to the Centre. Initial contributing groups to the Centre include CCP4, CCPN, CCP-BioSim, PiMS and Diamond. As the Centre develops, additional software groups from across Europe will be included, either as formal nodes or as recognised collaborators, reflecting the distributed nature of software development.

CCISB provides software packages and services for structural biology, usually via its constituent groups. It also provides help and advice on all software, either directly or by locating the relevant developer or expert. As a computational centre, CCISB would not normally host users (all software is accessible via the web). However, Instruct users are encouraged to include CCISB on proposals if it is anticipated that the project will require new (to the user) software, unusual data processing, or modelling to link experimental data.

CCISB also represents Instruct in the BioMedBridges project. BioMedBridges is a joint effort of ten biomedical sciences research infrastructures on the ESFRI roadmap. Together, the project partners will develop the shared e-infrastructure—the technical bridges—to allow interoperability between data and services in the biological, medical, translational and clinical domains. Further information on this project is available on the Instruct network.

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Most computational resources and queries can be done online. Users will need the appropriate software licences in place before accessing these platforms. We will advise here if desired.

However, we welcome visitors who would like to collaborate on a specific project. Directions for visiting are available at http://www.rc-harwell.ac.uk/location.html


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