Instruct Biennial Structural Biology Meeting

22-24 May 2013
EMBL Advanced Training Centre
Heidelberg, Germany

Showcasing Integrative Structural Biology

The first Instruct Biennial Structural Biology Meeting at EMBL Heidelberg Advance Training Centre the 22 to 24th of May 2013 will showcase integrative structural biology and its impact on biological research. The program will include sessions that represent recent structural biology highlights, emerging methods and technologies and results of biomedical importance. Confirmed speakers are: So Iwata (Imperial College, Diamond), Dinshaw Patel (Sloan-Kettering Institute), Roger Sunahara (University of Michigan), David Eisenberg (UCLA), Philip Selenko (Leibniz Institut), Elena Conti (MPI Martinsried), Carol Robinson (University of Oxford), Stephan Sigrist (FU-Berlin) and Henry Chapman (European XFEL). A special session, jointly organised with the ESFRI project Euro-Bioimaging, will focus on the bridge between structural and cell biology provided by recent developments in electron, light and X-ray microscopy. Confirmed speakers for this session include Gerd Schneider and Wolfgang Baumeister. The position of Instruct in the wider context of integrated European infrastructures such as Elixir (bioinformatics) and Euro-Bioimaging will also be presented. Young scientists who want to know where structural biology is and where it is going are especially encouraged to attend.

Scientific Organising Committee

  • Stephen Cusack (Chair, EMBL Grenoble)
  • Christophe Mueller (EMBL Heidelberg)
  • Yvonne Jones (University of Oxford)
  • Lucia Banci (CERM)

The poster for the event is available here.

Venue information is available here.

Download a booklet with meeting and local information here

Due to the high demand for attendance, Registration for the meeting has now closed. If you wish to be added to a waiting list for participation, please email your details to with subject matter "Biennial meeting waiting list"

Photo Credit: EMBL Photolab