Protein structure: from methods via structure and function to drug design -- A meeting in honor of Wim Hol

Date: 03-Sep-2012 1:00 CEST to -

Contact: Claudia Alen Amaro


This symposium is held in honor of Wim Hol as an inspirator of science, a rigorous and enthousiastic mentor. It will give a broad overview of current state-of-the art science in protein structure and function. 


The meeting is open to anyone interested, with a special invitation to anyone who has collaborated or otherwise been associated with Wim. However, please note that registration is required (see registration page).


As all speakers have been taught by Professor Dr. Wim Hol at some point in their careers the main focus area’s will be on:


  • Methods for structural biology
  • Protein structure and function
  • Structure-assisted drug design

Since Wim obviously had labs both in the Netherlands and the US finding a location was difficult. However, since he has been a member of the KNAW, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences throughout, we thought it would be fitting to hold the meeting in the age-old Trippenhuis, in the center of Amsterdam. This combines easy access with a central location, since the Academy is close to Schiphol airport. 

For registration and more information, please see:

Preliminary Programme:

Monday September 3rd


13.00-15.00   Methods for structural biology: 

Mic Feese (Cocrystal Discovery Inc.);

Lance Stewart (SSGCID, Seattle);

Alex Teplyakov/Galya Obmolova (JNJ); 

Randy Read (University of Cambridge); Piet Gros (Utrecht University); 

Focco vd Akker (Case Western)

15.00-15.30   Tea

15.30-16.50   Structural biology with medical implications

Matt Redinbo (UNC, Chapel Hill); 

Andrea Mattevi (Unvirsity of Pavia); 

Karen MacLuskey (Glasgow University);

Eric Huizinga (Utrecht University)

16.50-17.15   Tea

17.15-18.00   KEYNOTE LECTURE: Wim Hol

19.00-22.00   Conference buffet dinner (subscription, location to be defined)


Tuesday September 4th

  9.00-10.40   Structural biology with medical implications

Shekhar Mande (Pune University, India); 

Ehmke Pohl (Durham University); 

Anne Volbeda (CNRS, Grenoble, France); 

Rik Wierenga (Oulu, Finland); 

Joanne Yeh (Pittsburgh) 

10.40-11.10   Coffee

11.10-12.30   Structural biology with medical implications

Gabby Rudenko (University of Michigan); 

Titia Sixma (Netherlands Cancer Institute);

                      Protein engineering and other applications

Sharmila Mande (Tata)

Bauke Dijkstra (Groningen);

12.30-13.30   Lunch

13.30-14.50   Structure based drug design 

Juerg Hendle (Lilly); 

Wendy Sanderson (JNJ); 

Ingeborg Feil; 

Juergen Bosch (Johns Hopkins);

14.50-15.20   Tea

15.20-16.40   Structure based drug design

          Herman Schreuder (Sanofi-Aventis); 

           Christophe Verlinde (U. Washington, Seattle); 

           Xiayang Qiu (Pfizer)

16.40-17.00   Slotwoord Wim Hol

17.00             DRINKS