first discussion - test

Hi everybody,

welcome to our first forum discussion on the P4EU networking site. Let me know if you can read this and what you think about it so far.


Posted on 30-Sep-2011 14:17 CEST
Hüseyin Besir

Hi Hüseyin,

I can read your comment. At least in my browser window, the text I type in is microscopic - I'll see if that changes when I submit.

Would be also good to get either email or rss alert to new discussions in a thread. This is common on forums, but doesn't seem to be implemented here.



Posted on 30-Sep-2011 16:38 CEST
Darren Hart

Well the text looks OK once submitted, but is hard to read as I type. Will try a different browser (FF7 on Linux here).

Posted on 30-Sep-2011 16:39 CEST
Darren Hart

Hi Darren,


thanks for testing the forum. I totally agree that we should get an update message during a discussion. Makes no sense otherwise if you wait for someone to remember the discussion.

I will ask Jane if that can be added here as well.



Posted on 04-Oct-2011 11:21 CEST
Hüseyin Besir

Darren and his browsers.... ;) Actually Darren - it is the same issue here when I type in the message area. I'll put a bug in to the Developers.


All the best, Jane

Posted on 04-Oct-2011 12:56 CEST
Jane Wilson

Thank you to the developer who fixed it.


Posted on 14-Oct-2011 14:49 CEST
Jane Wilson

I can see all the comments well. This is the first view to the page. I agree with Darren. I never used RSS feeds or alerts before. How do you get this message and where?

Who is able to see this first discussion.

For the record. Is anyone having a decent stock of Rosetta 2 (DE3)? We get weird results with the Novagen material. Cells do not grow in larger volumes (300 ml)?

Sincerely yours


Posted on 31-Oct-2011 16:55 CET
Joop vandenHeuvel

Hi all,

I can see the whole thread with good font size... All this looks promising.



Posted on 03-Nov-2011 11:24 CET
Renaud Vincentelli

Hi Joop,

other the years we had 2-3 issues with our competant cells, on each time we bought a new stock from Novagen and made new stocks starting from these, this always solved the problem. I would advise you to spend the few hundreds euro to be on the safe side. I don't use the Ros (DE3) but only the Ros (DE3)pLys S, if you want I can send you an aliquot.


Posted on 03-Nov-2011 15:15 CET
Renaud Vincentelli

It would be nice if you could send me a stab culture or  a plate. We actually bought a new batch of Ros2 (DE3) competent cells.

We don't know what is wrong yet.

Best and Thanks Joop

Posted on 03-Nov-2011 23:52 CET
Joop vandenHeuvel
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