Survey about training in Structural Biology by Elixir-UK

Elixir-UK is inviting to complete a survey on training needs in the field of structural biology. This survey forms part of an ELIXIR-UK funded project being led by Christine Orengo (UCL) and Cath Brooksbank (EMBL-EBI) to review the current state of training in this field; to determine where gaps exist and to explore how they can be filled.
Information provided through this survey will inform discussions within the project.  They would like to survey a wide group of individuals, so please circulate this survey to colleagues who you think may wish to be involved.
The survey can be found at:
Before completing the survey, please review the list of training resources below that they have identified so far.
Deadline 13th February 2014

ELIXIR-UK Structural Biology Project

List of Structural Biology Training resources identified – January 2014


Birkbeck (University of London) – Distance learning courses


University of Manchester – Practical guide to Bioinformatics (EMBER)


Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics – eTraining website


Structural Bioinformatics Laboratory (SBI, Barcelona) - Course on structural bioinformatics


GOBLET website – repository of training materials for public use.


eBiomics – Self-training in bioinformatics


Train online from EMBL-EBI – training portal for EMBL-EBI resources


MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge – bioinformatics tutorials on structures


Basic concepts in structural bioinformatics (developed by Salam Al-Karadaghi, Lund University)


Open University – Science and maths courses by distance


Harvard Infectious Disease Consortium – Immune system molecules in 3D


Posted on 03-Feb-2014 11:30 CET
Claudia Alen Amaro
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