ABT rapid run IMAC columns

Hi All,

Has anyone tried the rapid run1ml or 5ml Ni cartridges from ABT in place of HisTrapHP or FF columns? I'm just about to buy a huge batch of columns and I'm considering alternatives to HisTrap.



Posted on 09-Feb-2012 14:16 CET
Nick Berrow

Hi Nick,

During the last years I move from QIAGEN to chelating sepharose from GE where I can work with different metals (CO, Ni, Zn, etc) then to Ni-Sepharose FF (GE) with high protein binding capacity, low nickel ion (Ni2+) leakage, and excellent compatibility with denaturing agents plus a wide range of additives; and in the last year I am moving some of the projects to Ni-Seph 6B (GE too) with lower back pressure that allows higher flow rates (important for the wash step). My experience with ABT many years ago, was not so good; but was many years ago. 

I prefer to build my own columns using batch resin. I wash my resin with NaOH inmediately after use, neutralize, and keep them with 20% ethanol. In this way I am using hundreds of time the same resins for many different projects. Cartridges elevate theis back pressure after several uses, and then you have to discard them. So in the long range, build your columns alone is cheaper. You just need different empty columns from GE or others and you fill them alone to the volume you want (a few minutes time), and rebuil them when over pressure is too high; and Ni recharging from time to time, that you can do automatically with AKTA systems. So, once you buy 25-50ml free resin, you can work years with them, and is cheaper than cartriges.

Posted on 25-Feb-2012 13:04 CET
Mario Lebendiker
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