looking for pTriEx vector

Hi everyone,

I have a colleague who is looking for a pTriEx based vector with an N-terminal His tag followed by a 3C precission protease site.  Also it would be great if it is LIC compatible.  Does anyone have such a vector that they could provide?






Posted on 06-Mar-2012 13:07 CET
Peggy Stolt-Bergner

Hi Peggy,

pOPINF (Oxford or Addgene) fits the bill. It is based on pTriEx2 and has an MAH6ssglevlfq/gp tag. It can be used for In-Fusion or SLIC but not classical LIC with the base 'lock' due to the base composition of the extensions.


Posted on 08-Mar-2012 14:48 CET
Nick Berrow

Hi Nick,


Thanks - I'll forward that information!



Posted on 09-Mar-2012 13:59 CET
Peggy Stolt-Bergner
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