Remote access to mammalian expression with European Funding available at Oxford

The Mammalian expression platform at the University of Oxford offers a protein production service through the Biostruct-X scheme. Funding for access through this sort of scheme is normally only available for transnational access, however setting up a pilot project remotely with the posibility of a follow up access through Instruct is available also to UK scientists. You only need to submit a short proposal to BioStruct-X  and your remote costs (consumables) are covered.  If you are interested, please register  with BioStruct-X first, and then apply  for funding by filling a short proposal, choosing Single Project (SP), then you may choose "UOXF, Oxford, United Kingdom" for Protein Production (PP).  Access  to crystallization, crystal handling and data collection is also available. If you have any questions just contact us at

Posted on 08-Sep-2014 11:10 CEST
Claudia Alen Amaro
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