Baculo in 24 deep well blocks


I'm wanting to grow insect cells in 24 well deep well blocks and was wondering what kind of seals people use?  How do you get the right kind of aeration without the small culture evaporating?

Thanks for the help.


Posted on 30-Nov-2011 9:38 CET
Jo Nettleship

Dear Jo,

we use for bacterial expression air pore tape sheets from Qiagen, aeration is very good, but I don't know if they are sterile enough for insect cell culture.

We are also currently testing covers provided by Applikon (you need a holder to fix them on the plate) that promise equally good aeration over all wells of the plate. Applicon is also providing a divice to monitor O2 supply in 24 well plates.

Best wishes



Posted on 07-Dec-2011 8:44 CET
Sabine Suppmann

Thanks Sabine,

I'll try our usual ones but I'd like to know how the Applikon experiments go.


Posted on 07-Dec-2011 9:49 CET
Jo Nettleship

Hi Jo,


Hope all is well.

We routinely use this seal ( for our 24 deep well blocks for baculo. No problems with it.


Best regards,


Posted on 07-Dec-2011 23:41 CET
Linda Lua

Our normal E. coli seals seem to be working fine.

Thanks for the advice


Posted on 05-Jan-2012 16:01 CET
Jo Nettleship
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