Searching for (used) Chip-Priming Station

Hello everybody,

Although I would not want this forum to appear like a mere exchange platform for used labware, I am now approaching you because we have been looking around for one particular piece of equipment that seems to be impossible to come by.

Still, because it is a chip-priming station for the Caliper LabChip90 that we are looking for and because I know that some members of this forum do have the LC90 module but are not completely satisfied with it, using the LC90 mostly as a lab ornament, I was wondering if any of you feels an urge to part with their priming station?   

We are really rather desperate for a substitute device, because our own priming station is now about 7 years old and an essential part of the system. We’d be delighted about even the grubbiest of units, electronic or manual!


Thanks a lot for your help!


All the best,


Posted on 15-Feb-2013 17:06 CET
Tim Bergbrede
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