E.coli/Yeast protein cell factory project

Dear Friends

I am looking into the possibility of starting a larger scale project to develop improved E.coli and Yeast strains for recombinant protein production. The aim (I think :) ) would be to intelligently (?) and relatively systematically engineer strains to improve their ability to produce proteins, focussing on the strain and not the individual protein, by manipulating the pathways involved.

I must admit that I am not completely sure whether this already has been done, which is why I am asking  you. Have you heard of someone doing this ? Or even better, is anyone of you working on this?

What I am looking for is potential collaborators that could be interested in joining such a project.


As this is still on the "idea level" I will ask you to keep this somewhat confidential (i.e within the P4EU)


Best Regards


Posted on 06-Mar-2013 14:10 CET
Bjørn Voldborg

Hi Bjørn,

in order "to keep this somewhat confidential (i.e within the P4EU)" you shouldn't have posted it in an online forum in the first place. ;-)

To your question:

I don't know of any systematic study on this but maybe you can find more in this article that I found on Pubmed (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21901404). Let me know if you can't access the full text.

Although I believe that it's going to be challenging to engineer one strain or, more likely, several strains that can deal with everything, I think it's a goal worth going for.

I hope you can find enough money for this project because I'm sure it is going to need plenty of "omics" technologies.

Let me know if you need some test proteins, we've had some over the years that didn't show any expression. I guess I'm not the only one. :-)

Best regards


Posted on 06-Mar-2013 17:54 CET
Hüseyin Besir
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