Protein Glykosyation in insect cells

Dear All,

has anyone experience in preventing protein glykosylation in baculovirus expressed protein for crysallization (instead of enzymatic deglyosylation of the purified protein) ?



Posted on 25-Jul-2013 11:19 CEST

Hi Sabine:

we have very good results in a project with a glycosilated protein from insect cells, and I perform a very high resolutive Cation exchange  to separate the different glycosilated forms. In our case our protein precipitate after deglycosilation, so separate the different isoforms is the only way. 


Posted on 30-Jul-2013 21:00 CEST

Hi Sabine,We use tunicamycin in our baculovirus production during the expression of the protein.Christine

Posted on 18-Sep-2013 0:09 CEST
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