Flag antibody hybridoma

Dear All,

has anyone a flag antibody hybridoma cell line that can be shared?





Posted on 05-Sep-2013 11:38 CEST
Sabine Suppmann

Has anyone ever heard of the (M1) Ca2+ sensitive FLAG Ab? As one of the major drawbacks, if I am not mistaken, of most commercially available FLAGmAbs is having to elute with peptide- this sounds like a great idea if the affinity is high enough.

Available through ATCC accession HB9259. Depending on the MTA (if there is one) we may be able to do something with this if there is sufficient interest.


-sounded neat but a bit more reading tells us that the FLAG tag cannot be preceded by even a methionine to bind efficiently to the mAb!

M2 or M5 clones required

Posted on 06-Sep-2013 11:32 CEST
Nick Berrow
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