SUMO Protease specific cleavage. Gly at the N-term of the target

Hi, We want to produce a protein with a SUMO tag, that is known that needs Gly-Gly at the C terminal of the protease site to cleave especifically and release the protein target without any remaining aa. Our protein needs a Gly at the N-terminus. So, do anybody knows what will happen if we add an aditional Gly after the Gly-Gly of the protease site? Will I obtain a protein with a Gly in the N-term after cleavage? or the protease will cleave the third Gly?

Hope that is enough clear.....

Posted on 02-Oct-2013 13:05 CEST
Mario Lebendiker

Dear Mario,

you will get the cleaved protein with one Gly at the N-term, the same as with any other amino acid after the terminal 2 Gly of SUMO (except Pro which is not cleaved). We haven't done MS with all of our SUMO-constructs after cleavage but for those which we have checked by MS, we didn't find any indication of cleaving AFTER the first N-terminal amino acid of the target protein.

In one case, there was a minor peak that would correspond to an additional Gly on the target protein, so maybe there is a small chance of cleavage between the 2 terminal Glycins. We haven't checked this in more detail I must admit.

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Posted on 02-Oct-2013 15:25 CEST
Hüseyin Besir

Dear Husseyn:


Thanks a lot!!



Posted on 03-Oct-2013 13:27 CEST
Mario Lebendiker
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