Baculo Flasks


At the meeting in Porto, flasks from Vitlab were mentioned that you could put 4.9 L in a 5 L flask.  Could someone send me a link to which one this is please?  I can't eem to find it on their website.

Thanks, and thanks again Frederico for a great meeting


Posted on 25-Nov-2013 11:13 CET


I will have the presentations available in a couple of days and there you can find a presentation from the PEGS from Binesh (Novartis) that kindly shared the presentation for the network (via Sabine). The reference for the flasks is 100889.

It was my pleasure to have you here in Porto.


All the best,





Posted on 25-Nov-2013 11:24 CET

Thanks Frederico,  I'll read the presentation from PEGS with interest.


Posted on 25-Nov-2013 11:37 CET
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