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2 year PDRA position in University of Liverpool

University of Liverpool, Liverpool, United Kingdom
Application deadline: 23 Feb 2017

An exciting opportunity has emerged in the Molecular Biophysics group to work on a BBSRC-supported project on structure-function-mechanism studies of Cu-nitrite reductase and membrane bound nitric oxide (NO) reductase and the role of metabolon complex formation in controlling levels of cytotoxic NO. The project will link crystallographic studies with techniques to probe factors that control delivery of electrons and protons to the active site of these enzymes.

-You will be responsible for using established molecular biology procedures underpinning the overexpression and purification of a number of enzymes and their mutants including membrane proteins and undertake crystallographic, spectroscopic and mechanistic aspects of the programme.

-You will have the opportunity to spend up to 4 weeks in the RIKEN laboratories in Japan as part of a collaborative programme alongside two PhD students working on membrane-bound nitric oxide reductases

You should have a PhD in the area of physics, chemistry, biological sciences or biophysics, with experience in protein crystallography and practical knowledge of molecular biology preferably with experience in membrane proteins.

-Excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential.

The post is available until 31 March 2019.

Job Ref: 005185

Closing Date: 23 February 2017

For full details and to apply online, please visit the website

Liverpool, United Kingdom

2 year PDRA position in University of Liverpool