BioMedBridges session at Heidelberg 2013

Susanna Repo (acting project manager for BioMedBridges) and Martyn Winn led a session on Biomedbridges on day 3 of the Heidelberg conference, with particular regard to the involvement of Instruct. The results of a survey were presented, covering the needs of the Instruct community to access data from or collaborate with other biomedical infrastructure projects. The presentation, including survey results, is available in the Files section of this Network. Not sure if this link will work.

Posted on 04-Jun-2013 17:08 CEST
Martyn Winn

Susanna Repo has created a blog post on the BMB website about the survey results:

Posted on 12-Aug-2013 14:20 CEST
Martyn Winn
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