BioMedBridges coming to an end

The BioMedBridges project comes to an end next month (December 2015). The main output for structural biology has been the PDBeShape service for volume matching. At the moment, you can browse a volume database derived from EMDB and PDB structures containing 1052 high quality volumes for prokaryotic and eukaryotic ribosomes, and class I and II chaperonins. Alignments between these volumes are included, so that you can look for similarities or differences between volumes. We are working on allowing upload of user volume data.

In due course, this work will be published. We are also working on online training modules.

Life now moves to the next round of EU projects, including West-Life, iNEXT and Corbel. See you there!


Posted on 18-Nov-2015 20:08 CET
Martyn Winn

I am sorry to hear that BioMedBridges project comes to an end here, but gladly I can visit the EU projects later. Thanks a lot! I want to improve my own blog by referring your style.


Posted on 01-Dec-2015 10:23 CET
Chloe Mica
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