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Biomacromolecular Crystallization can be used for (mainly together with X-ray diffraction): Determination of 3D structure – no principal size limit is applied (both NaCl and ribosome were crystallized and their structure solved). Identification of conserved and flexible regions. Analysis of structural changes caused by mutations. Identification of ligand interaction, architecture and number of binding sites. Determination of oligomeric state of the protein. Protein identification and purification (not commonly used).

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User Guide

Crystallization screening – 96well plates set-up: Phoenix (Art Robins)


  • 96channel syringe head for contact pipetting into 96 or 384well plates
  • Non-contact single-channel nano-dispenser
  • Thermostated sample rack for sensitive samples

Advanced crystallization screening – 96well plates set-up: Mosquito (ttp labtech)


  • Single-use micropipettes for contact dispensing
  • 25 nl – 1.2 ul pipetting volume
  • Suitable for microseeding
  • LCP module for Liquid cubic phase set-up

Optimization of crystallization – 96well plates preparation: Dragonfly (ttp labtech)


  • 1D-3D gradient preparation for 96well plates mixing up to 5 different solutions
  • Non-contact pipettes – no risk of cross-contamination
  • Minimal volume of single droplet addition – 0.5 ul

Temperature optimization of crystallization: TG-40 (Centeo)


  • Theoretical temperature control range: 4° - 50°C (± 0.05°C)
  • Up to 40 separate experiments at once (5 temperatures x 8 wells)
  • For detailed information, see the separate instrument profile card

Plate storage and inspection: Minstrel HT-UV + Gallery HT (Rigaku)


  • Standard SBS, low-profile SBS and Linbro plates storage at 4°C and 20°C
  • Visible light and UV imaging
  • For detailed information, see the separate instrument profile card