Screening of detergents for membrane protein solubilization and purification (RoBioMol) in Grenoble, France

The RoBioMol platform, hosted by the Pneumococcus Group of the Institut de Biologie Structurale, offers high throughput molecular biology processes using automates. Current services include: - screening of detergents for membrane protein solubilization and affinity purification - detergent exchange on solubilised membrane proteins. These services are available for a minimal number of detergent screening of 24 samples.

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Service/Technology Contacts

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User Guide

  • How to make a request ?

Contact the RoBioMol team to submit your request.After discussion and acceptance of your application, you will enter your order on RoBioNET. Acceptance of the quote (signed by both parties) will be needed prior to the beginning of the work.

  • Samples provide by the requesting scientist

Each membrane preparation must be previously analyzed to ascertain the presence of overexpressed His-tagged protein.

  • Results

A detailed technical report containing solubilization and purification results analyzed by SDS PAGE and/or Western blot.

  • Equipements

- Microlab Star Hamilton for versatile molecular biology processes

  • Key words

Affinity chromatography, membrane proteins, detergents, liquid handling automates