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X-ray Diffraction and Bio-SAXS core facility is equipped with top-class instruments for diffraction experiments with single crystal samples focused on the determination of the 3-D structure of (macro) molecules down to atomic resolution and for small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) experiments with isotropically scattering samples focused on determination of the shape and size of macromolecules or nanoparticles. The range of applicable molecular mass for diffraction methods: from 102 up to 106, where the lower value covers molecules significant for nanotechnology, materials science or pharmacology and the upper limit covers biomacromolecules such as nucleic acids, proteins and their complexes.

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Key Equipment

  • Rigaku HighFlux HomeLab™ robotized macromolecular diffraction system with ACTOR sample changer optimized for work at Cu-Kα wavelength
  • Rigaku HighFlux HomeLab™ universal, dual wavelength (Mo-Kα and Cu-Kα) diffractometer
  • Rigaku BioSAXS-1000 SAXS camera for small angle X-ray scattering from solutions of biological macromolecules