26 countries in Europe have been involved in Instruct since the programme was launched in 2008. Representatives of national structural biology communities have played a key part in helping Instruct decide what was needed to support the scientists who are playing a part in establishing a strong, integrated structural biology research environment in Europe.

Scientists from countries who have paid the Instruct annual membership fee of € 50,000 are able to submit their proposals to gain access to the cutting-edge technologies offered through the Instruct Centres. These countries are ticked in the table below.

Find out how to get your country involved by selecting it from the list below and contacting your Instruct Country Representative (their details are listed on the country's page). 

Please note that this page is being rebuild, some of the links are not operational and the numbers or centres and platforms for each country is not up to date. To read about our Instruct Centres click here.