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Other Open Calls

Instruct Ivano Bertini Award 2017

The Ivano Bertini Award recognises a significant achievement in frontier research that utilises an integrative structural biology approach.

Deadline for Submission: November 30th 4PM

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Instruct pilot R&D projects 2016

Instruct has allocated funds to support small pilot research and development projects in any area of structural biology up to a maximum of €15,000 per project. Projects should propose basic or applied research which is preliminary in nature with an expectation of collecting data that may be included

Deadline for Submission: September 30th 4PM

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Instruct Internship 2016

Instruct provides access to state-of- the-art infrastructure and technology to support research in structural biology. Our aim is to encourage and facilitate the integrative use of technologies and methodologies that are available at our 16 Instruct Centres around Europe and in Israel. The Instruct

Deadline for Submission: August 31st 4PM

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7th Instruct Training call

The Instruct training courses programme aims to increase the skills level of researchers in structural biology through the organisation and support of training courses, workshops and conferences. The programme only supports events planned, organised and implemented by Instruct Centres. Instruct doe

Deadline for Submission: August 31st 4PM

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Proposal Guidelines

To make it  easy for you to further your research, Instruct offers open access to structural biology infrastructure at our Instruct Centres. The application and review process is efficient, transparent and quick, with a target turnaround time of two weeks.

Applications for access can be submitted at any time. Periodically, special calls for access will be published with a defined deadline. These special calls carry specific criteria, so please read the calls carefully.

Every application is carefully evaluated on its scientific merit; we are looking for research projects that demonstrate innovative approaches within integrative structural biology. In some cases, the applicant may be asked to revise the proposal and resubmit for evaluation. The Instruct office is always willing to consider a revised proposal.

The aim of Instruct is to encourage the integrative use of technology and methodologies. However, applications for individual Instruct platforms are also possible where local facilities provide the other techniques required. Further information on who qualifies, what the success criteria are and the guidelines on which they are based are all provided within the site. An explanation on what Instruct Access funding provides is available here.

Review our catalogue of technology, receive our support and make your application.

The user guide to submitting a proposal can be found here.

If you have any queries, please contact