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Born : 12 July 1958 in Strasbourg, France.

Education, Research and Professional Experience

· 1980: Master degree in Chemistry, Univ. Strasbourg.

· 1983: Doctorate : Thèse troisième cycle Chimie Moléculaire, Univ. Grenoble, dir. A. Rassat

· 1988: Doctorate : Doctorat d’Etat, Physical Sciences, LETI-CEA Grenoble dir. A. Rassat & JF Clerc

· 1989: Chargée de recherche, CNRS, ILL then (1992) IBS Grenoble, dir. G. Zaccai

· 2003: Directrice de recherche CNRS, IBS Grenoble

Research interests: They are centred on solution studies -protein solvation and stabilization as well as protein-protein interactions and crystallization- of complex systems. C. Ebel has contributed to understanding molecular adaptation to extreme saline conditions. She has also characterized protein-sugar interactions. She is now strongly involved in the field of membrane proteins and particularly systems implicated in pathogenicity. She developed new protocols for the characterization of their interactions in solution using hydrodynamics methods. She has participated to the characterization of different membrane proteins. She is evaluating new surfactants (amphiphilic polymers and fluorinated surfactants) for the structural characterization of membrane proteins. She specializes in the biophysical methods used to further her research interest, in particular neutron scattering, analytical ultracentrifugation and size exclusion coupled to light scattering.

Teaching: Biology and Physics dep. of Univ. Grenoble; ENS Paris; Toulouse. Research courses: HERCULES, IMABIO, GFCC, EMBO. Direction of PhDs.

Other achievements and responsabilities :

· Head of the Laboratoire de Biophysique Moléculaire of the IBS (2004-2010) and of the group Structure and Stability of Integral membrane proteins in solution (2010-)

· Responsible of the AUC (Analytical Ultracentrifuge) and of the PAOL (Protein Analysis On Line, coupling size exclusion chromatography and light scattering) platforms of the PSB (Partner for Structural Biology). see:

· Organizer of five workshops and two conferences, member of 14 scientific comities.

· Member of the advisory Editorial Board of European Biophysics, of the scientific councils of theSFB (2001-07) of theSFBBM (2009-) and of the councils for INSERM workshops (2005-).

· Research funding since 2005 : FP7 ,CEA, CNRS, ANR, Rhône-Alpes region, pharmaceutical industries.

· 23 invited seminars, invited speakers at 29 national and international scientific meetings/workshops.

Publications : About 95 original research papers, seven book chapters, three patents. H-index: 25.

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