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1995: Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry (Degree: 110/110 cum laude and mention). 

1995-1998: PhD in Chemical Sciences (University of Florence). 


Career history:

March 1999-June 1999: Bursary (Assegno di Ricerca) at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Florence

July 1999-October 2002: Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Florence

November 2002-Present: Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Florence



VIII National Prize "FEDERCHIMICA - Per un Futuro Intelligente", 1996

Sapio NMR Junior Prize, 2001

Prize “Gastone de Santis” of the Division of Chemistry of Biological Systems of the Italian Chemical Society and Italfarmaco Inc., 2005

Prize “Raffaello Nasini” of the Division of Inorganic Chemistry of the Italian Chemical Society, 2009


Meeting Organization: 

"NMR for the Development of Science and Technology", Florence, 1996: member of the organizing committee 

"XXXIII International Conference on Coordination Chemistry", Florence, 1998: member of the local organizing committee.

“3rd Meeting of the Users of the Large Scale Facilities for NMR in Life Sciences”, Viareggio, 1999: member of the local organizing committee.

“XIX International Conference on Magnetic Resonance in Biological Systems”, Florence 2000, coordinator of the national organizing committee. 

“Workshop on Structural Genomics of the OECD Global Science Forum”, Florence 2000, Scientific secretary

 “New Challenges in the Life Sciences: Prioritizing European Research in Molecular Systems Biology”, Florence 2007, member of the organizing committee.

“Strategies and Achievements of bio-NMR in Europe”, San Diego, CA, 2008, member of the organizing committee

“Magnetic Resonance in the Life Sciences: What's New, Montecatini Terme, Italia, 2008, member of the organizing committee

“Structuring a Pan-European Bio-NMR Community”, Firenze, Italia, 2009, organizer

“1st CASD-NMR Workshop”, Firenze, Italia, 2010, organizer


Teaching duties (only at the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Florence):

2001/02-2003/04: Structural Chemistry (Degree in Chemistry).

2001/02-2006/07: General and Inorganic Chemistry (Degree in Chemistry and Degree in Applied Chemistry).

2002/03-2008/2009: Structure and reactivity of Biotechnological Macromolecules (Degree in Biotechnology). 

2004/2005-2008/2009: Models of biological systems (Degree in Biotechnology). 

2009/2010-2011/2012: General and Inorganic Chemistry (Degrees in Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Earth Sciences)

2009/2010–2011/2012: Bioinformatics and Computational Chemistry of Metalloproteins (2nd level Degree in Chemistry)

2004/2005-Present: Chemistry of Biodegradation Processes (2nd level Degree in Chemistry)

2012/2013-Present: Structural Biology  (Degree in Biotechnology)

Dr. Rosato held cycles of seminars for PhD students in Chemical Sciences and in Structural Biology. He is a member of the Board of Teachers of the PhD course in Structural Biology at the University of Florence.

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