ARIA User Help Guide

The help guide section of our website is currently under construction. The links below should enable navigation of the help guide pages whilst we work on completing them. If a guide is marked with an asterisk this means the guide has not yet been completed and the link will not lead anywhere just yet.

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Getting started

Your ARIA profile

Messaging through ARIA

Publishing content

All registered ARIA users are welcome to post structural biology related events, news and jobs to the Instruct website.


This section refers to the internal booking of machines for facilities which use ARIA for their instrument booking systems.

For Access Users

Scientists from Instruct member countries are entitled to submit research proposals to gain access to a wide range of services/technologies offered by our Instruct centres.

For more information on the proposal process see here.

For Moderators

A moderator is someone assigned to oversee the proposal review and acceptance process. They allocate relevant reviewers for a proposal, communicate with the reviewers if required, and action the proposal (accept/reject) informed by the reviews provided.

For Reviewers

A reviewer is someone assigned to provide expert scientific appraisal of a submitted proposal. They are selected by the moderator and score and comment on the proposals assigned to them following Instruct review guidelines. Reviewers identities are hidden from access users and centre managers/service providers but their identities are known to the proposal moderator and to the Instruct access team.

For Centres and Service providers

For Access Administrators

Access administrators are ARIA users who administrate one or more access routes (these may be Instruct, iNEXT, CORBEL etc.)