Instruct brief – September- December 2016

2ndSeptember- ongoing

West-Life/CORBEL developer and project manager Narayanan Krishnan and Hub Coordinator Susan Daenke participated in CORBEL Workpackage working groups and management committees. Discussion culminated with the opening of the first CORBEL integrated call which uses Instruct access management system ARIA. Call closed the 30th of November 2016 with a total of 32 proposals received.

6th September- ongoing

Instruct developer Callum Smith continued discussions with EuroBioImaging which culminated with agreement to use ARIA for their access proposal system. Discussions are also underway with EMBRIC.

7th September-on going

Narayanan Krishnan participated in West-Life operations committee and workpackage working groups. Instruct leads Workpackage 2 focused on Dissemination, training and outreach. The details of the workpackages can be found here.

8th September- ongoing

Ondrej Hradil (Instruct-CZ), Lucia Banci (Instruct-IT), Jose Maria Carazo (Instruct-ES), Gunter Schneider (Instruct-SE), Ray Owens (co-opted Hub) and Susan Daenke (Hub Coordinator) continued their work in the Instruct Business Working group with a meeting in Brussels.

9th of September

10-13th September

Representatives of all Instruct Centres met in Brussels for the Instruct Executive committee.

Instruct and iNEXT had a stand at the EMBO meeting in Mannheim(iNEXT co-coordinator Tassos Perrakis and Instruct project manager Claudia Alén Amaro attended).

13-15th of September

Instruct-PP organised a course on Computational protein design for biotechnology applications within the Instruct Training program.

21st September

Videoconference of the Instruct Council with representatives of all Instruct member countries.

26th of September

SWEDSTRUCT organised a course on Biomolecular NMR advanced tools for studying protein and RNA dynamics within the Instruct Training program.

28th-30th September

Callum Smith and Narayanan Krishnan attended the Digital infrastructure for Research Conference in Krakow, Poland. Callum Smith presented the Instruct AAI solution at the Lightning talks session.

30th of September

The fourth call for Instruct R&D pilot project closed. Proposals are now under review and will be awarded at the beginning of 2017.

3rd to 5th October

Susan Daenke and Instruct Director David Stuart attended ICRI 2016in Cape Town, South Africa. Instruct shared a stand with CORBEL.

5thOctober- ongoing

Claudia Alén Amaro participated in the Oxford University workshop on Horizon 2020 work programmes as a member of the steering group of European project managers in the University. The group meets every term and provide support in all areas of European funding.

5th October

Instruct France 2 (Grenoble) organised a course on ‘Methods and Techniques in Structural Biology - beyond black boxes’ within the Instruct Training program.

6th October- ongoing

Callum Smith participated in a iNEXT videoconference regarding Instruct work on WP7 (Networking the management of Transnational Access) for which Instruct is delivering an Integrated submission system. Eight out of 11 modalities of access proposal system have been delivered with the last 3 progressing as planned .

10th of October

Dave Stuart, Claudia Alen Amaro and Susan Daenke participated in the iNEXT management committee <>.

12-13th of October

Susan Daenke participated of the 2nd MIUF (Medical Infrastructure/ Users Forum) meeting which took place in Paris (ECRIN headquarter) .

17th of October

Instruct Spain organised the hands-on course I2PC-FEI on image processing applied to the structural characterization of biological macromolecules within the Instruct training program.

18-21st of October

Susan Daenke, Callum Smith and Claudia Alén Amaro participated in the iNEXT Annual User Meeting in Alcala de Henares, Spain. The second annual user meeting is being co-organised with Instruct and will take place before the Instruct Biennial Structural Biology Meeting in Brno in May 2017

18-19th of October

Narayanan Krishnan participated in the CORBEL 1st Annual General Meeting at Graz, Austria. The meeting took stock of the progress the project made in the first year and, established and communicated the plans for the next year. The next CORBEL AGM will be on 25-26th October, 2017.

24th October

The Instruct training committee lead by Lucia Banci made the funding awards from the 7th call for training courses to be organised in 2017. Instruct offers a range of workshops delivered at Instruct Centresby internationally recognised experts. The committee also awarded the call for the 2017 Internship programme.

7th of November- ongoing

Claudia Alén Amaro participated in a workshop on communication to funders in academia as one of the periodic activities of the network of communication officers of Oxford University.

8-9th of November

Susan Daenke participated in the 5th European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) network meeting hosted by ECRIN in Paris, organized in collaboration with the European Commission and the other ERICs hosted in France.

7th of November

Instruct Germany organised the course ‘Helmoltz training course on integrative structural biology’ within the Instruct training program.

13-15th of November

Ray Owens, leading the industry engagement initiative for Instruct, represented Instruct at PSDI 2016: Protein Structure Determination in Industry Conference in Malmo, Sweden.

16th of November

25th of November

The Access Committee, led by Darren Hart from Instruct France 2, made recommendations to improve reporting to funders and access provision to users.

Culminating years of work by the Instruct Hub, the Instruct Centres, the Instruct Council and national Ministry representatives from all Instruct countries, the Instruct-ERIC Step 2 application was signed and submitted to the EC by the UK Ministry BEIS. The application will be considered by the ERIC committee which meets in Brussels the 2nd of December.

25th of November

Callum Smith and Anastassis Perrakis (iNEXT Deputy Coordinator) met to review iNEXT access using ARIA and dicuss integration of the new Ligand Screening modality, aiming to come online in January.

25th of November

Ondrej Hradil, Instruct-CZ, participated at the Research Infrastructure sustainability stakeholders workshop in Brussels.

30th of November

Representatives of all Instruct Centres met by videoconference for the Instruct Executive committee.

2nd of December

Meeting of the ERIC Committee in Brussels. Instruct provided a briefing document to Ailidh Woodcock (BBSRC), the UK representative on the ERIC Committee, who introduced the Instruct-ERIC application.

5th of December

Networks and communities hosted within the Instruct website benefited from a huge development work done in close collaboration with existing Network leaders. Networks now have many more tools to manage their online presence through the ARIA system.

7th of December

Meeting of the Board of Instruct Academic Services limited. Work is under way to ensure smooth transition from the current legal framework to the ERIC.

Upcoming events:

9th of January

Diamond Light Source (Instruct-UK ) is organising a course on Cryo-EM sample preparation .

16th January

Kick-off meeting of project Open Sesame in Brussels

19th – 20th January

Instruct will participate in the West-Life annual meeting in Florence.

16th of February

Dave Stuart will give a talk on Instruct at the University of Oxford Spotlight series.

22nd of February

Kick off meeting of project Instruct-ULTRA in Brussels. Instruct-ULTRA is a Horizon 2020 Infradev-3 project coordinated by Instruct. It aims to accelerate the expanded implementation of Instruct by opening up to new members in Europe and partnerships at the global level and increasing the effectiveness of user access to key technologies, working as appropriate with manufacturers and other industry stakeholders.

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