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1st International CryoEM Workshop and Symposium

Registration Date: 21-Jul-2020 to 30-Dec-2020
Date: 23-Apr-2021 to 27-Apr-2021

Contact: Georgios Tsiotis

The 1st International CryoEM Workshop and Symposium will be held from 23 - 27 April 2021 at the University of Crete, Greece. This CryoEM school will provide in-depth training in single particle cryoEM analysis, sub-tomogram averaging and molecular modelling to 32 selected participants.

Speakers include:

Werner Kuhlbrandt, MPI Frankfurt (EMBO Keynote Lecture)

Nektarios Tavernarakis, IMBB Heraklion

Stefan Raunser, MPI Dortmund

Susan Lea, Oxford

Friedrich Forster, Utrecht

Ariane Briegel, Leiden

Jurgen Plitzko, MPI Martinsried

Robert Nicholls, MRC Cambridge

Pavel Afonine, Berkeley

Evangelia Chrysina, NHRF Athens

Preliminary Programme

Symposium 23 April

For the first day of the program (23 Apr), there will be a symposium where major aspects of the cryoEM field will be covered. The symposium will be open for the local community and the workshop participants. Leading researchers in the cryoEM field will highlight state-of-the-art developments in cryoEM SPA, tomography, molecular modelling, showcasing outstanding recent applications. There will be a poster session for registered participants and selected poster presenters will get the opportunity for a 10min talk during the last session of the symposium. “The EMBO Keynote Lecture” will be held by Werner Kühlbrandt.

Practicals 24-27 Apr

The course is aimed at PhDs, PostDocs as well as young faculty members and applicants from industry new to the field of cryoEM. A series of morning lectures will teach the necessary basic theoretical principles and practical aspects for macro molecular structure determination by cryo EM. The afternoon sessions will provide in-depth hands-on practice on single particle analysis, subtomogram averaging and molecular modelling into cryoEM maps. The practicals will cover the software packages SPHIRE, pyTOM, Coot/REFMAC and PHENIX.

More information, including how to register for this event, can be found on the event website.

University of Crete, Heraklion, Greece

1st International CryoEM Workshop and Symposium