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1st ScipionBox Facility Meeting

Date: 27-Jul-2017 to 29-Jul-2017

Contact: Blanca Elena Benitez Silva


The major goal of this meeting will be to present what ScipionBox can do now, what is coming very quickly, and, most importantly, what specific new developments would be needed for being a good system for the Facilities. The meeting is taking place in Madrid from 27-28 July 2017 at CNB IN Room B

The agenda is a follows:

Thursday 27th
12:00- 13:30 Buffet lunch at CNB (buffet time for everybody to arrive. We are 20’ from airport)
Note for all presentations: Please leave 10’ for questions!
13:30:15:00Presentation Scipion 1.1-Facilities (Pablo/Jose Miguel)
-What is new in Scipion 1.1, and in 1.1-Facilities (LIMS connectivity, new functionality, new monitors)
15:00-15:30Current Scipion use at CNB (Roberto Marabini)
15:30-16:00Current Scipion use at SciLifeLab (Jose Miguel de la Rosa)
16:00-16:30Coffee break
16:30-17:00Current Scipion use at Diamond (Kevin Savage)
17:00-17:20Current script use at NeCEN (Bart Alewijnse)
17:20-17:40Current script use at CEITEC (Jiri Novacek)
17:40-17:50Short presentation of the coming ESRF Facility (Michael Hons)
18:00End of the working day. Either goes to your hotel or to a tour by Plaza Mayor
Hotel: Hotel Chamartin
20:30Dinner at Dantxari Restaurant
Restaurant: Dantxari
Friday 28th
9:00-10:00Enhancing ScipionBox Reporting: Collaborative session on ways to enhance Scipion
1.1-Facilities HTML monitor and pdf Facility Report. Start with presentation on current design.
Chaired by Pablo Conesa
10:00-11:00Current state of EM acquisition data modeling, from work at Diamond, ESRF and CNB
Chaired by Roberto Marabini
11:00-11:30Coffee break
11:30-13:00Discussion on Road Map for Scipion 1.1-Facilities, with input from all Facilities ("how could we make it work at your site"?). The general Scipion Roadmap will also be presented
Chaired by Jose Miguel de la Rosa
13:00Lunch at CNB and farewell

I2PC - Madrid, Spain

1st ScipionBox Facility Meeting