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3rd iNEXT Annual Users Meeting

Date: 19-Mar-2018 to 23-Mar-2018

Contact: Hans Wienk


It is a pleasure to announce to you the 3rd iNEXT Annual User Meeting!

When: 19-21 March, 2018

Where: Grenoble, France

The organiser is iNEXT Partner RALF-NMR. They are sure they will organize a great meeting with interesting scientific and social events.

This meeting is open for researchers receiving access through iNEXT. The goal of the meeting is to stimulate contacts among users, between users and their host facilities, and to allow users to provide feedback about iNEXT.

Some facilities reimburse their user's traveling costs. Therefore, before registering, make sure to ask "your" facility if they can agree with your participation in the meeting, and if they can cover (some of) your expenses.

After confirmation by your facility, please register before February 5, 2018.

The iNEXT Annual User Meeting will be followed by the iNEXT workshop "Translating Structural Biology into Biomedical Applications ", from March 21-23 at the same location.

Please note that all users attending the meeting are expected to present their results on a poster. Based on submitted poster abstracts, a selection will be made for oral presentations.

Finally, as a reminder: European Union regulations require that ALL publications and presentations using results obtained via iNEXT MUST acknowledge iNEXT. In addition, these activities must also be forwarded to the host facilities!

Hope to see you in Grenoble, iNEXT Coordination and local organization.

Grenoble, France

3rd iNEXT Annual Users Meeting