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6th Edition of the ISBC2017 in Granada

Date: 29-May-2017 to 02-Jun-2017

The Laboratory of Crystallographic Studies are pleased to announce the 6th International School on Biological Crystallization (ISBC2017), to be held in Granada (Spain) during May 29th to Jun 02nd, 2017.

ISBC2017 is intended for postgraduate/postdoctoral students and research scientists from industrial and academic backgrounds.

The International School will provide five days of lectures, posters and practical demonstrations focused on the fundamentals of crystallization. The aim of the School is to introduce all participants into the fundamental knowledge about the behaviour of crystallizing solutions and their applications to the field of biological crystallization, including large crystals for neutron diffraction and tiny crystals for XFEL. This year we will focus on the crystallization of membrane proteins, protein complexes characterization, including EM, and biomineralization.

For more information and to register, please visit the website


• Bernhard Rupp, k. k. Hofkristallamt, US.

• Janet Newman, CSIRO, Australia.

• Allan D´Arcy, Actelion Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland.

• Martin Caffrey, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

• Petra Fromme, Arizona State University, US.

• Juan Manuel Garcia-Ruiz, IACT, CSIC-UGR, Spain.

• Jeroen Mesters, University of Lüebeck, Germany.

• Marc Pusey, iXpressGenes, Huntsville, US.

• Howard Einspahr, IUCr Journal Comission, US.

• José A. Gavira, IACT, CSIC-UGR, Spain.

• Hudel Luecke, University of California, US.

• Naoko Mizuno, Max Planck Institute, Germany.

• Sergio Martínez, UGR, Spain.

• Ivana Kuta Smatanova, University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic.

• Stephane Veesler, CINam-Marseille, France. (tbc)

• Claude Sauter, IBMC, CNRS, France.

• Christian Betzel, University of Hamburg, Germany.

• Fermin Otálora, IACT, CSIC-UGR, Spain.

• Guillermo Calero, University of Pittsburg, US.

• Christian Biertümpfel, Max Planck Institute, Germany.

• Edward H. Snell, Hauptman-Woodward Institute, Buffalo, US.

• May Marsh, Swiss Light Source at Paul Scherrer Institut, Swiss.

• Jose Manuel Martin-Garcia, Arizona State University, US.

• Giuseppe Falini, University of Bolonia, Italia.

• Karim Benzerara, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France.

• Helmut Cölfen, University of Konstanz, Germany.

• Monica Budayova-Spano, Université Grenoble Alpes, France.

• Yves Nys, URA, INRA, France

• Pavlina Rezachova, University of Prague, Czech Republic.

Granada, Spain

6th Edition of the ISBC2017 in Granada