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CCP4 Study Weekend 2019

Registration Date: 10-Dec-2018
Date: 08-Jan-2019 to 10-Jan-2019

The CCP4 Study Weekend on “Integrated, rational molecular replacement” will be held at the East Midlands Conferenced Centre in Nottingham, from 8th to 10th January 2019.  There are still some places left, but registration will close very soon, on 10th December. 

We’re pleased to announce a late addition to the programme, which couldn’t be publicised until the results of the CASP13 protein folding challenge had been announced.  As you may have heard (if you read tech websites or the Guardian newspaper) the people from DeepMind have applied their deep learning algorithms to the protein folding problem and have done extremely well in folding the protein targets in CASP13.  Andrew Senior, the lead of the AlphaFold team that achieved this result, will be attending the Study Weekend to speak about their algorithms and their potential applications. 

To see the rest of our exciting programme and to find registration information, please go to the meeting website:

Nottingham , United Kingdom

CCP4 Study Weekend 2019