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CCP4 Study Weekend 2020

Registration Date: 03-Sep-2019 to 09-Dec-2019
Date: 07-Jan-2020 to 09-Jan-2020

Contact: Robbie Joosten

The annual CCP4 Study Weekend is a chance to shake off the post-New Year torpor, and work hard and play hard with your fellow crystallographers. There is an exciting scientific programme for Wednesday and Thursday, either side of the traditional conference dinner. You can also check out the satellite meetings, which may be of interest.

This year, the topic for the Study Weekend is "Model Building and beyond". Sessions will cover:

Session 1 – High resolution EM/MX model building and automated tools/methods
Session 2 – Getting interactive – artisan hand-crafted model making
Session 3 – Sugar, salt, and nucleic acids (it’s gluten free!)
Session 4 – When your new year's resolution is not that high
Session 5 – Validation: everyone’s a critic
Session 6 – The last mile Ångström of structure solution (model completion and analysis)

In keeping with previous CCP4 meetings, the lectures will focus on the presentation and discussion of advanced methods and techniques developed and used by the leaders in the field.

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East Midlands Conference Centre, United Kingdom

CCP4 Study Weekend 2020