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Chemistry towards Biology - Structural Biology Meeting

Registration Date: 02-Mar-2020 to 31-May-2020
Date: 06-Sep-2020 to 10-Sep-2020

Contact: MiloŇ° Hricov√≠ni

Instruct Partner

The Chemistry towards Biology is the 10th continuation of the series of successful meetings aimed at the exchange of scientific results and ideas in the fields of chemistry and biology. Instruct-ULTRA supports advances in structural biology research, particularly linking atomic structure with molecular properties and cellular context. As these two meetings will be organised together, the theme of this year's Conference will be "Biomolecular structure” and will cover primarily topics - structure and dynamics of biomolecules, intermolecular interactions, experimental and theoretical methods in biomolecular research.

The event will be held in Bratislava, Slovakia, from 6 - 10 September. The symposium will cover invited lectures, oral presentations selected from submitted abstracts, and poster sessions. Special attention is devoted to the active participation of young people at the symposium.

Early bird registration for the event is available until 30 April 2020.

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Hotel Tatra, Bratislava, Slovakia

Chemistry towards Biology - Structural Biology Meeting