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ECS3 European Crystallography School

Date: 25-Sep-2016 to 02-Oct-2016

European Crystallographic Association and Croatian Association of Crystallographers proudly announce the 3rd European Crystallography School (ECS3), which will be held from 25.09. to 2.10. 2016 in one of the most majestic little towns on the entire Mediterranean - Bol on the Island of Brač, Croatia.

The school is divided into several modules:
* a comprehensive math refresher (lecturers: Brückler, Štefanić - Croatia),
* the common foundations of X-ray diffraction (lecturers: Libowitzky - Austria, Bond, Wood - UK, Palatinus - Czech Republic, Lutz – The Netherlands, Giacovazzo - Italy),
* powder diffraction (lecturers: Moliterni, Altomare, Rizzi, Cuocci - Italy),
* single crystal diffraction (lecturers: Bond, Blake, Parsons - UK, Linden - Switzerland), and
* applications of crystallography, novel developments and complementary techniques (lecturers: Prugovečki – The Netherlands, Linden - Switzerland, Blake, Bond - UK, Plavec, Grdadolnik, Stare - Slovenia, Aakeroy - USA, Roodt - South Africa).

Whatever part of crystallography you are interested in, this will be a treat both to your professional future and to your soul, because the team of lecturers is probably the best one can imagine at the moment, organizers are those who made ECM29 happen', and the venue . . . well the venue is simply a fairytale. Come and see. Please visit the for more.

Island of Brač, Croatia

ECS3 European Crystallography School