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EGI Conference & "Design your e-Infrastructure Workshop"

Date: 06-May-2019 to 08-May-2019

6-9 May 2019, Amsterdam
The EGI conference (May 6-8) will be a forum for the EGI Community to discuss the state of the art of the EGI Federation, future and emerging trends, requirements and experiences: national, local and at the level of the data centre. The event will also be an opportunity to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Operations of what is now the EGI Federation. The programme will be a mix of topical sessions, workshops and space for debate on topics related to the EGI Federation. The Programme Committee has opened a Call for Abstracts and invites the EGI Community to submit abstracts for presentations and posters. Site managers and members of the distributed operations and technical teams are strongly encouraged to send contributions. The deadline for contributions is 8 March.

Further information about the EGI Conference

Co-located with the conference, the EGI User Community Support Team is organizing the 3rd Design your e-Infrastructure Workshop on 9 May 2019. This workshop is intended for research communities and research infrastructures who wish to become active users of EGI services. The workshop participants will hear short introduction talks about the EGI services, will analyse the use cases that the participating scientific communities bring to the event then, in small groups, will design and define suitable e-infrastructure setups and roadmaps to implement them using 'off-the-shelf' and customised solutions from the EGI community. The workshop invites the submission of science community use cases that event participants will analyse and start implementing during the event.

Further information about the Design your e-Infrastructure Workshop

Amsterdam Science Park, Netherlands

EGI Conference & "Design your e-Infrastructure Workshop"