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EMBL-EBI Structural Bioinformatics Training

Registration Date: 11-Apr-2018 to 01-Jun-2018
Date: 03-Sep-2018 to 07-Sep-2018

Contact: Natalie Haley

Structural biology, determining the three-dimensional shape of a protein, can tell us a lot about how a protein functions and the role it plays within a cell. Bioinformatics data derived from structural determination experiments can aid biological researchers asking a wide variety of questions. It aides the understanding of how DNA mutations might alter a protein’s shape, disrupt a catalytic site, or alter the binding affinity of a pharmaceutical compound.

This course explores bioinformatics data resources and tools for the interpretation and exploitation of bio-macromolecular structures. It will focus on how best to analyse available structural data to gain useful information given specific research contexts. The course content will investigate the impact of genetic variation on structure, predicting protein structure and function, and exploring interactions with other macromolecules as well as with low-MW compounds. Participants will also have an opportunity to explore protein docking using HADDOCK.

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European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) - Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, CB10 1SD, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

EMBL-EBI Structural Bioinformatics Training