Instruct-ERIC Events


Date: 04-Sep-2019 to 05-Sep-2019

Contact: Senena Corbalan


Policies and Recommendations for the Processing of Sensitive Data 

Brussels, 4-5 September, 2019 

Meeting venue: Belgian Cancer Registry, Koningsstraat 215 box 7, 1210 Brussels 


In the perspective of the launch of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) several initiatives and projects have been funded to contribute to the implementation phases and address several aspects of EOSC, as the Governance, the architecture of services, rules of participation etc.  

FAIR data is a crucial element of EOSC and recommendations for the implementation of FAIR data principles have been recently published1. However clear policies are still needed for the management (storage, processing, access, sharing and reuse) of sensitive data, in particular health and personal data. 

The objective of the workshop is to bring together the main ongoing projects tackling FAIR data & data protection issues to have an overview of the respective objectives and achievements, identify potential gaps and synergies to outline a common strategy for the development of guidance and services to handle sensitive research data. 

Will be present representatives of: EOSC-Hub, EOSC-Life, ENVRIFAIR, FAIR4HEALTH, FAIRPlus, FAIRsFAIR, GoFAIR, PanOSC, and SSHOC. 


DAY 1 

12:30welcome & light lunch 

13:00Key Notes on Sensitive data: issues and challenges 

Keynote 1: human health data (speaker tbd) (20 min) 

Keynote 2: human social data (CESSDA, speaker tbd) (20 min) 

Keynote 3: high pathogen data (ERINHA, speaker tbd) (20 min) 

14:00Policies on sensitive data: tour de table (10 min each project) 

What type of sensitive data you deal with and what are the specific issues you want to address? 

Do you have recommendations/policy documents ready or in preparation? 

What is the status and what are your experiences on the implementation? 

16:00Coffee & Tea Break 

16:30Services and technical solutions for processing sensitive data (10 min each project) 

What kind of technical solutions are you using/developing (if any)? 

18:00End of Day 1 


20:00Dinner: xxxx 


DAY 2 

09:00Wrap-up from Day 1  

Outline a common roadmap and implementation plan for handling sensitive data 

12:00Next Steps 

13:00End of Meeting & light lunch 


Brussels, Belgium