Instruct-ERIC Events

Instruct-ERIC Executive meeting

Date: 07-Nov-2018

Contact: Claudia Alen Amaro


The next Instruct Executive meeting will be held on 7th December from 2-4pm UK time and 3-5CET.

Connection details to the meeting has been circulated.

Agenda information to follow via email.

Executive member representatives:

UK: Dave StuartChair  

FR1: Alberto Podjarny/ Jean Caravelli 

FR2: Darren Hart/Martin Blackledge 

BE: Jan Steyaert /Els Pardon 

CZ: Vladimir Sklenar/Ondrej Hradil 

IL: Gideon Schreiber/Joel Sussman 

IT:  Lucia Banci/Roberta Pierattelli 

NL: Rolf Boelens/Tassos Perrakis 

ES: Jose Maria Carazo 


SD: Susan Daenke (Instruct Hub) 

CAA: Claudia Alen Amaro (Instruct Hub) 

RJO: Ray Owens (Instruct-ULTRA) 

M-CP: Marie-Christine Poterszman (Instruct-ERIC Access committee)

2019 dates 

13th March 2019 – TC – 1-3pm UK 2-4 CET 

20th June 2019 -face to face – all day. This meeting will be hosted in Oxford and will allow for day travel 

27th September – TC - 1-3pm UK 2-4 CET 

11th December – TC - 1-3pm UK 2-4 CET

Oxford, United Kingdom

Instruct-ERIC Executive meeting