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Instruct Theoretical and Practical Course: Integrative Structural Biology in Latin America

Registration Date: 23-Oct-2020 to 07-Nov-2020
Date: 23-Nov-2020 to 27-Nov-2020

Contact: Alberto Podjarny



Aims of the course

Course Implementation

How to apply

List of course speakers and tutors

Programme and Activities



Aims of the course

Structural biology is at the heart of most major advances in our understanding of the mechanisms governing biological processes. As the biological systems under study become more complex, the results from individual techniques fail to address the problems with enough depth to provide a full understanding of their structural and dynamic features.

In the present course we will be giving the participants a broad display of the fundamentals of X-ray crystallography, X-ray scattering, NMR and electron microscopy, with a focus on current strategies used to integrate the information gathered from different techniques.


Course implementation

Due to the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the course will be held remotely. Theoretical modules will be presented by speakers with help of a moderator from the organising committee. Practical modules will consist of real dataset analyses.

The course will include virtual poster presentations open for discussion, where participants will show their projects via slides. Posters will be evaluated by a group of instructors. The best presentation will be awarded a 100€ prize and two mentions will be awarded 50€ each.


How to apply

This course is open to Latin American graduate students and postdocs. Unfortunately applications cannot be accepted from other geographical regions. 

To apply, please complete this application form (in English, Spanish or Portuguese) and submit it with a one-page CV and an endorsement from your PI (if applicable) by 6 November 2020. Send your documents to

The course includes practical modules, hence there are limited positions. A scientific committee will select the candidates from all the received applications.


List of course speakers and tutors

Alberto Podjarny, Department of Integrative Biology, IGBMC, CNRS, INSERM, Université de Strasbourg, France.

Alejandro J. Vila, IBR-CONICET-University of Rosario, Argentina.

Andrés Binolfi, IBR-CONICET-University of Rosario, Argentina.

Carlos Oscar Sánchez Sorzano, Biocomputing Unit (BCU), National Center for Biotechnology, Madrid, Spain.

Claudia Alen Amero, Instruct-ERIC, Oxford, U.

K Daniela Albanesi, IBR-CONICET-University of Rosario, Argentina.

Dmitri Svergun, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Hamburg Unit, Germany.

Irina P. Suarez, IBR-CONICET-University of Rosario, Argentina.

Javier M. González, Institute of Bionanotechnology (Inbionatec-CONICET-University of Santiago del Estero), Argentina.

José María Carazo, Biocomputing Unit (BCU), National Center for Biotechnology, Madrid, Spain.

Leandro C. Tabares, Institute for Integrative Biology of the Cell (I2BC), Department of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Structural Biology, (Université Paris-Saclay, CEA, CNRS), France.

Lucia Banci, Magnetic Resonance Center - CERM, University of Florence, Italy.

Luciano Abriata, School of Life Sciences, Institute of Bioengineering, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland.

María Natalia Lisa, IBR-CONICET-University of Rosario, Argentina.

Richard Garrat, Institute of Physics of São Carlos, University of São Paulo, Brazil. Rodolfo M. Rasia, IBR-CONICET-University of Rosario, Argentina.

Terese Bergfors, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Uppsala University, Sweden.


Programme and Activities



IBR, Rosario, Argentina

Instruct Theoretical and Practical Course: Integrative Structural Biology in Latin America