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Instruct-ULTRA General Assembly 2020

Date: 26-Nov-2020

Contact: Marysa Chapman




There will be a meeting of the Instruct-ULTRA General Assembly on 26 November 2020, 14:00 - 17:00 CET.

The assembly will be a remote meeting and a representative from each Instruct-ULTRA partner is warmly invited to join us.




Part 1 - Strategic developments   

2:00 Introduction Ray Owens
2:15  Strategic Planning Dave Stuart
2:25 Outreach Naomi Gray
2:35 Communication Stephanie Chapman
2:45 Q&A  
2:55 Break  


Part 2 - Technology Developments

3:00  Scientific Highlights

Enrico Luchinat 
Jiri Novacek 
Milos Hricovini
Rik Wierenga

3:40  Data capture and management Pablo Conesa 
Ludo Renault
4:00  Q&A  
4:05  Break  


Part 3 - Future Developments

4:10 Group Discussion  
4:30  Feedback from group discussions  
4:40  The future of structural biology from a global perspective Stephen Burley
4:55  Closing Remarks Ray Owens


Oxford, United Kingdom

Instruct-ULTRA General Assembly 2020