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International School of Crystallography - 55th Course: Structural Drug Design

Registration Date: 16-Oct-2019 to 30-Nov-2019
Date: 29-May-2020 to 06-Jun-2020

The past several years have produced transformations both in the long term management of chronic diseases and in the treatment of illnesses that previously seemed intractable. Nevertheless, understanding and managing human health remains one of the most challenging aspects of our society. One fundamental problem is the lack of a full comprehension of the underlying biology of healthy and diseased states. While structural information is still applied at different stages of the drug design process, especially during drug optimization, the focus has now decisively moved earlier, to providing tools for the understanding of the disease biology. This has resulted in traditional structural biology techniques being thoroughly integrated with other disciplines, including biophysics, informatics, biology and chemistry. Because of the continuously evolving experimental and computational techniques, the success of the entire process depends on proper management of the increasing complexity, diversity and volume of data generated. The purpose of the course is to provide the students with:

  • an overview of the current structural and biophysical techniques used in the field
  • the use of informatics tools in drug discovery
  • the evolving role of chemistry in drug design and biology understanding
  • an introduction to biologics and their applications

Several case studies will be presented to highlight the different topics. Hands-on workshops and tutorials will complement the lectures.

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Erice, Italy

International School of Crystallography - 55th Course: Structural Drug Design