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Network in Physical Virology

Registration Date: 09-Sep-2019 to 04-Oct-2019
Date: 13-Nov-2019 to 15-Nov-2019

Contact: Stephanie Chapman

The CIC bioGUNE are hosting a meeting of the Spanish Network of Excellence in Physical Virology on the theme Bridging Biomedical and Nanotechnology Applications.

The Spanish Network of Excellence in Physical Virology includes 10 research groups of 9 universities and research centres from all over Spain. The multidisciplinary and pioneering Network pursues the coordination of the Spanish groups interested in the biophysics of viruses and the development of their biomedical and biotechnological applications at the frontier between physics, chemistry, biology and biomedicine.

Over a two and half day meeting, national and international speakers will cover topics from the experimental analysis and modeling of structure, function and dynamics of viruses as well as applications of viruses in biomedical nanotechnology.

Plenary Speakers:

• Trevor Douglas (Indiana University - US)
• Miklós Kellermayer (University of Pécs - Hungary)
• Paul van der Schoot (Eindhoven University of Technology - Netherlands)
• Cristian Smerdou (CIMA - Spain)
• David I Stuart (University of Oxford/Diamond LS - UK)
• Christina Wege (University of Stuttgart - Germany)

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Bilbao, Spain

Network in Physical Virology