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Network launch event: Interfaces in Cryo-EM

Date: 03-Jul-2019

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Network launch event: Interfaces in Cryo-EM (ICE)

Hosted by: Rosalind Franklin Institute / University of Oxford / Oxford BRC / Diamond

3 July 2019
9:30 to 17:00 – Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Research Complex at Harwell



Build a community around Oxfordshire of academic researchers interested in Cryo-EM and members of related Industry sectors (pharmaceutical, biotechnology, instrument), to foster pre-competitive knowledge sharing, collaborations, and to promote investment in cryo-EM infrastructure and future applications
Create a regular forum for discussion, with focus on new developments and technology
Promote discussion workshops for networking and relationship building

Themes of the forum:

  • Application of cryo-EM to life sciences and drug discovery
  • Evolution of electron microscopy
  • Single particle cryo-EM: protein science, cofactors (e.g. nanodiscs and nanobodies), grid prep, data analysis


Confirmed speakers:

  • John Bell – Regius Professor of Medicine, Oxford University
  • Dave Stuart – Life Sciences Director, Diamond Light Source
  • Peijun Zhang – Director of the electron Bio-Imaging Centre (eBIC), Diamond Light Source
  • Chris Russo – Group Leader, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
  • James Naismith – Director of The Rosalind Franklin Institute
  • Ray Owens – Principal scientist, Rosalind Franklin Institute


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Harwell, United Kingdom

Network launch event: Interfaces in Cryo-EM