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OPEN Sesame User Meeting and General Assembly

Date: 17-Dec-2017 to 19-Dec-2017

Contact: Claudia Alen Amaro


The Open Sesame User Meeting and general Assembly is now confirmed to take place on 18th-19th December 2017 in Jordan.

Taxi: everything is arranged, as per my previous email. The driver will wait for you in the arrival area with a sign with your name on, and will give you a receipt. (samples attached)
Hotel: Please note that the price for the Hotel Harir will be 61 JOD per night and not 52 JOD as previously announced. SESAME is tax exempted so they will pay 52JOD.
However, tax (16%)  will apply to our bookings so it will be 61 JOD per night. Sorry about the confusion on this point.
Wadi Rum: The evening may be cold, so bring warm clothes in case. Our main luggage will stay at IBIS in a secured room, we will stop at IBIS on the way back to Harir Hotel. (no extra cost)
OPEN SESAME General Assembly: Please find attached the revised agenda, taking into account SESAME User Meeting schedule.

Jordan, Jordan

OPEN Sesame User Meeting and General Assembly