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Single Particle Cryo-EM School in Leeds

Date: 10-Dec-2018 to 13-Dec-2018

Contact: Rebecca Thompson

RMS are organising a course on Single Particle Cryo-EM at the University of Leeds, UK.

This course provides an introduction to the single particle cryo-EM pipeline for solving high resolution structures of macromolecular complexes. The 4 day course focuses on providing hands on training for sample preparation by plunge freezing (Vitrobot Mk 4, Leica EM GP) and loading into Titan Krios microscopes, as well as demonstrations of high pressure freezing and non-blotting (spraying) freezing devices. With small group (3 participants) teaching, delegates will get a day on the Titan Krios microscopes to become familiar with imaging/data collection using a Titan Krios microscope with EPU software. 

Course participants have the option to bring their own samples to prepare grids, and may have a limited opportunity to image and collect data during the course. We welcome course participants with a range of experience and backgrounds, including from academia and industry.

Date:10-13 December

Venue: University of Leeds, UK

For more information and to book your place, please follow the link.

Leeds, United Kingdom

Single Particle Cryo-EM School in Leeds