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SMX Workshop 2018 at Swiss Light Source

Date: 12-Sep-2018 to 14-Sep-2018

The first Serial Millisecond Crystallography (SMX) Workshop will take place at Swiss Light Source (SLS).

SLS is located at the Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) between Zurich and Basel. The  PSI is home to several large-scale user facilities including SwissFEL which will soon be in user operation.

The workshop is aimed at crystallographers (advanced PhD, PostDoc, Scientist) interested to learn the method. It is focused on the practical details rather than theory. SMX is a powerful method for room-temperature structure determination of soluble and membrane proteins at synchrotrons. High viscosity injector based serial crystallography is also a very successful method for time-resolved studies at free electron lasers such as SwissFEL.

You will learn how to prepare samples from soluble and membrane proteins for high viscosity injectors, how to handle high viscosity injectors and how to collect and process data.

Invited speakers are:

James Fraser (UCSF)

Dominik Oberthür (CFEL)

Chris Milne (PSI, SwissFEL)

Jörg Standfuss (PSI, LBR)

 For a schedule and to register please go to the website.


Conference fee (including food and workshop dinner) : 300 CHF

If you are interested to bring your own sample to train and collect data on (e.g. your inhouse 'pet crystals' you are welcome to do so. Please contact the Organizer if you are interested in this possibility, Tobias Weinert tobias.weinert@PSI.CH or Meitian Wang

CH-5232 Villigen PSI, Switzerland

SMX Workshop 2018 at Swiss Light Source