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Symposium: The Four-Dimensional Genome

Registration Date: 20-Feb-2020
Date: 29-Mar-2020 to 01-Apr-2020

Symposium Overview

They will discuss the principles that govern the three-dimensional folding of the genome in chromosomes and inside the nucleus. Their understanding of how this organisation controls genome function and how it changes over time, both in the context of the cell cycle and in the course of normal development is incomplete.

Currently, the study of the spatial organisation of the genome is being revolutionised by new genomics and microscopy techniques. The computational analysis and modelling of such data are delivering new insights into genome structure and function.

Location: EMBL Heidelberg, Germany

Date: 29 Mar - 1 Apr 2020

Abstract deadline: 30 Jan 2020

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Heidelberg, Germany

Symposium: The Four-Dimensional Genome