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Vienna BioCenter cryo-EM Winter School

Registration Date: 06-Jan-2020
Date: 15-Feb-2020 to 20-Feb-2020

The Vienna cryo-EM Winter school is a one week event from the 15 February til the 20 February 2020. Directly following the 2nd Vienna BioCenter cryo-EM Symposium, the school will allow beginners in cryo-EM to learn from experts in the field:  

Frank DiMaio (University of Washington)
Benjamin Engel (Helmholtz Zentrum Muenchen)
Christos Gatsogiannis (MPI Dortmund)
David Haselbach (IMP)
Thomas Juffmann (Max Perutz Laboratories)
Anton Meinhart (IMP)
Clemens Plaschka (IMP)
Christopher Russo (LMB)
Sjors Scheres (LMB, via webinar)
Florian Schur (IST Austria)

This course will provide an overview of theoretical concepts and the practical application of cryo-EM single-article analysis and tomography.

Winter School Agenda

Day 1: cryo-EM Sample Preparation

Day 2: Excursion

Day 3: The Electron Microscope

Day 4: Image Processing

Day 5: Tomography

Day 6: Modelling

The course is open to applicants from academia and industry. A distinguishing feature of this course is that it is aimed towards Master and starting PhD students. Applicants must provide a motivation letter to indicate how the course will benefit their research using cryo-EM and that implementation of these plans at their host institute is realistic.

For further information and to apply, click here.

Vienna BioCenter, Austria

Vienna BioCenter cryo-EM Winter School